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Thank you so much for visiting our site and seeing how you can help.  Every voice really matters!  A failure to respond is a vote for Fairfax.

It’s really important that both our ‘personal voice’ and ‘community voice’ are heard.


Personal Voice


We would like to submit a Landscape Architect’s Report as the application involves an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  This is an important and lengthy report detailing technical and legal issues surrounding the AONB and includes a landscape appraisal, landscape and visual impact assessment and expert witness services at the Public Inquiry.

We need to allow £7500 for this and only have until Sunday 14th March to raise the funds!  We are unable to instruct the Landscape Architect until the full amount has been pledged; your bank cards will not be charged until we reach the target.

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The story so far…….

As a community campaign group KOGS will be able to submit documents of evidence beforehand and attend the Public Inquiry as an ‘interested third party’. 

The two documents we’d like to submit are a Statement of Case and a Landscape Expert’s Report. 

The preparation of our documents will be overseen by a leading law firm with expertise in environmental, wildlife, planning and public law.

For the above mentioned we need to raise £13K.  We have been so encouraged by everyone’s support over the last year and we’re confident we can achieve this!

The funds will be raised through the specialist Crowd Justice page linked to the law firm acting for us to keep everything accountable.

Community Voice


We need volunteers who are able to distribute leaflets and posters. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in distribution.

Council Meetings

We need as many people as possible, including children, to attend the Parish (NHPC) and District (HDC) public consultations to represent ‘the community’.

No public speaking is required, just attendance to show you do not support the application. We will post dates and times of these meetings as soon as we have them.

Displaying posters

Do you work in the surrounding area of the new development proposal? If so, are you able to display posters and leaflets in your work place to raise awareness? Contact us if you can help in this way.

Local community groups

Are you part of a club or group who use the fields, woods and surrounding area? For example, dog walkers, ramblers, photographers, football team, allotments, etc.

If so, please submit your objections to government’s Planning Inspectorate as a ‘group/community’ who use the area.

Financial contribution

We are needing to raise £13K for a Statement of Case and Landscape Expert’s Report to be submitted at the Public Inquiry. To keep everything accountable, the funds will be raised through the specialist Crowd Justice page linked to the law firm acting for us.
Thank you so much for your contribution!

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