Keep Our Green Spaces

FAIRFAX have submitted a planning application to build 473 houses
in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on fields which form part
of New House Farm, Old Crawley Road, Horsham.

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Countdown to The Public Inquiry - 9.30am on Tuesday 25th May 2021








Public Inquiry Update

The Inquiry will be livestreamed on the Planning Inspectorate’s YouTube channel starting at 9.30am on Tuesday 25th May 2021 and expected to last 8 days.
Please log in each day … this is the equivalent of attending in person which is really important to show our community interest.

A representative of KOGS will speak on our behalf which will most likely be on the first day.

Horsham District Council have turned down an application by Fairfax to build 473 houses in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on fields which form part of New House Farm, Crawley Road, Horsham.

Fairfax have appealed that decision so there will now be a Public Inquiry starting on 25th May 2021. Every objection on the government website counts … full details on the ‘what can I do’ page.

As a community campaign group KOGS will be able to submit documents of evidence beforehand and attend the Public Inquiry as an ‘interested third party’.
The two documents we’d like to submit are a Statement of Case and a Landscape Expert’s Report. Both of these are lengthy reports detailing technical and legal issues surrounding the application, and focusing on the AONB status. As well as a site visit and report, the Landscape Expert will represent us at the Public Inquiry.
The preparation of our documents will be overseen by a leading law firm with expertise in environmental, wildlife, planning and public law.
For the above mentioned we need to raise £13K. We have been so encouraged by everyone’s support over the last year and we’re confident we can achieve this! This may sound a lot, but we have one chance at this, and want to submit the best reports by experts in their field.
The funds will be raised through the specialist Crowd Justice page linked to the law firm acting for us to keep everything accountable.


Keep Our Green Spaces

‘KOGS’ (Keep Our Green Spaces) formed in February 2020 after a leaflet was posted through a few residents’ doors on the Beeches Estate Roffey, informing them of plans by the developer FAIRFAX to build 473 houses on three fields which form part of New House Farm in Roffey, officially considered Faygate, Horsham.

The Farm Shop and Strawberry Fields Tea Room are both part of New House Farm.

The residents of the Beeches Estate and nearby quickly rallied together and started preparing a campaign to save the fields which are enjoyed by dog walkers, ramblers, photographers, and local residents who just want a stroll in the nearby countryside.

What started out as a small Facebook Group of despairing residents, has now developed into a campaign to Keep Our Green Spaces.


Fairfax have submitted a planning application to the Horsham District Council to build 473 houses on fields at Newhouse Farm in Faygate.  This land is part of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The area ear-marked for development is bounded by Old Crawley Road, Sycamore Avenue, New Moorhead Drive, and Beech Road playing fields.  The bigger two fields have a public footpath leading across and are partly surrounded by an ancient bluebell woodland.


We want to save this green space which is loved and enjoyed by so many.  An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where we can walk to from our homes; an area which is good for the soul, families to play, animals to enjoy and memories to be made.

These fields aren’t just something we glance at when driving our car. They are a hub for our community, from residents, dog walkers, horse riders, photographers, nature enthusiasts and ramblers.

If you want to see the sun setting in North Horsham, these fields are the place to be!

Ask anyone in Roffey about the New House Farm fields leading to the bluebell woods and they will know exactly where you are talking about.

Please join together with us and help Keep Our Green Spaces.

History of the Area

To follow.


Last year the annual Horsham Riverside Walk attracted 320 people of all ages. The walk includes fields at New House Farm ear-marked for the development where there is one of the best landscape views along the 13-mile route.

This is just one of many communities who use and enjoy this space.


Let’s join together as a community and help to Keep Our Green Spaces.

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Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on three fields which form part of New House Farm, Old Crawley Road, Horsham.

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