Where exactly is the land for the proposed development of houses?

It’s on part of New House Farm where the farm shop and Strawberry Fields Tea room are situated. 

The fields ear-marked for development are bounded by Old Crawley Road, Sycamore Avenue, New Moorhead Drive and the Beech Road playing fields. 

They Include the field where the maize maze has been and the two big fields with the public footpath running through to the woodland.

Is it a ‘done deal’?

Definitely not.  Horsham District Council have advised us that the site is not allocated for development and not part of their Local Plan which is why they turned down the original application.  The developer has appealed this decision and a Public Inquiry will now take place where these factors will be taken into account.

How can I be involved with the Public Inquiry?

In the first instance the most important action as an individual is to register your objection on the government’s Planning Inspectorate website by clicking on this link.  Every objection will be read.

Joining our Facebook group is an important way of showing our community response.  There’s a ‘what can I do’ section on the website which has more information.

Can you explain the Public Inquiry process?

This will be conducted by the government’s Planning Inspectorate.  Due to the pandemic, it will most likely be live streamed via YouTube so that the public can be in attendance.  The inquiry is scheduled to last 6 days starting 25th May 2021.

All representations need to be submitted by 10th March … as an individual your response is really important and you can do this via the government’s website 

As a campaign group KOGS will have an opportunity to submit documents and speak at the inquiry.

What is KOGS?

We are an action group set up to do everything we can to stop the proposed housing development application by Fairfax.  We consist of local residents who have loved and enjoyed this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for many years and want to protect it for future generations.

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